Million Dollar License Plates

Can you imagine spending $4.6 million dollars on a numbered license plate? If you can’t, no worries, we can’t either.  But despite our lack of imagination about this, there are people out there who value this type of thing so much that they are willing to spend small fortunes to acquire them.

Recently in Abu Dhabi, someone spent millions of dollars to purchase a number plate solely bearing the number 7.  This was the worlds’ third most expensive plate ever sold, and it was sold in a government auction.

Most of the number plates in UAE come with a default sequence of five numbers. But these single digit plates are rare because the fewer the numbers on the plate, the more expensive it is.

Other distinctive plated to sell at the auction included the number 60, which was sold for $1.6 million, the number 333 which sold for $234,000, and the number 7777 which sold for $272,000, respectively.   In total, 72 specialized plates were sold at the auction bringing in a grand total of more than $15 million.  And who says there’s nothing in a number?