Louis Vuitton Adds “Byte” to the Job

Who says workaholics can’t be fashionable? Not Louis. Louis Vuitton has expanded their style prowess into the workplace with their newest laptop sleeve. Now Louis Vuitton and tech fanatics can have the best of both worlds, proving that work doesn’t have to be a bore.

Louis Vuitton’s famous insignia is embossed into the front of the chic sleeve as well as inside it. The sleeve is made of Damier Geant canvas; it comes with a microfiber lining and a foam-lined protective compartment designed to secure your precious tech toy. The double zipper serves as the icing on the cake to protect against the clumsiest of employees (hey, we’ve all been there). After all, function is just as important as fashion.

Because our dearest Louis Vuitton thinks of everything, the ultimate sleeve comes in a 13-inch size for $700 and a 15-inch size for $745. All you closet Louis Vuitton fans need not to worry either, for the designer has intelligently crafted the sleeve to look downright smashing on people of all genders and styles. Talk about a haute accessory.

It is common knowledge that this is not Louis Vuitton’s first laptop sleeve. And while their first tech device sleeves had your run-of-the-mill canvas designs the reinforcement of Damier canvas in their latest design makes it the best one yet. Though one might pay a pretty penny for this haute piece, it is certainly worth the cost. After all, cost is no object when it comes to the security of your laptop (a.k.a. your life).

If laptops could speak, they would request (no, demand) the security-in-style look of Louis Vuitton’s laptop sleeve. Thank you, Louis.