Get to Saks Fifth Avenue NYC Right Now for the Last Tubes of Chris & Tell

If you’re in Manhattan right now, and you are haute enough to be in the know, then I am certain that you are hanging out at Saks Fifth Avenue at the Lancôme counter right about now. If you aren’t in NYC, or if you are so haute that you are previously engaged, let me fill you in. None other than Chris Benz has shown up for his personal appearance at the luxury retailer to sign tubes of his newest lipstick, Chris & Tell. This coral shade of lip coloring has been such a hit with the most stylish socialites that I can tell you there is a line of them waiting for his John Hancock. I also got word that this is one of the only Saks counters with Chris & Tell left. Better hurry and get here because not only is the inventory selling out as we speak, Benz was only officially scheduled to sign from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Chris Benz, Rachel Heller