Healing Hands: The Haute 5 Luxury Spas in San Francisco

Your body is a sacred temple, and should be treated accordingly, not to mention carefully. However, after that bumpy flight, or that brutal tennis game, or that stressful call with your in-laws, or even that third double vodka on the rocks, your body can become more of a broken down palace than resplendent sanctuary. With body rejuvenation and inner well being in mind, we give you the Haute 5 Massage Parlors in San Francisco. Go ahead, pamper yourself. You work (and play) hard.

LaBelle Day Spa

You would never know by looking at the outside of this cold glass and steel building that inside lies a comforting oasis of remedy and relaxation. Set amidst the hustle and bustle of downtown SF, LaBelle Day Spa is pure luxe. From the moment you wrap yourself in one of their plush robes, sink your feet into a footbath, or nibble on a few posh snacks while waiting for your masseuse, you know you are somewhere that has your ultimate comfort and pleasure in mind. With a highly skilled staff, you can be sure each moment and treatment at LaBelle will be better than the next.  What happens after you leave is up to you.

LaBelle Day Spa is located at 233 Grant Ave. 415.433.7644