Blohm + Voss Knows How to Impress

Blohm + Voss has unveiled the newest addition to their impressive fleet of custom yachts, one that will surely blow your mind. The eco-friendly, 393-foot exploration yacht has a diesel-electrical propulsion system, providing the vessel with a maximum speed of 18.5 knots.

This megayacht was obviously designed with comfort in mind, offering you the plushest of plush amenities. The entrance lobby has a grand staircase to ensure that your entrance is, well, grand of course. But then again, there is really nothing un-grand on this immaculate sailing vessel. The staircase leads up to the bridge deck, which has a lounge area that offers spectacular 180-degree views. The owner’s deck, which is definitely where you want to be spending some free time, consists of an owner’s suite of course, its own private staircase, two baths, a gym, and a private massage room. And what yacht would be complete without its accompanying luxurious guestrooms? Well this bad boy has a whopping total of eight of them. Six of the guestrooms are located on the main deck, but if you aren’t on the list for the owner’s suite, make sure to get your VIP entry ticket to one of the two duplex suites.

There is also a viewing area on the forward most part of the bow, overlooking the sea at approximately 27.8 feet above water, ensuring you can easily play the “I’m king of the world game,” either en route to your fabulous destination or once you’ve docked there, causing the regular, mainland people to drool with absolute envy. This massive specimen of a yacht is large enough to store a seaplane, a car, and even a submarine. Wait; do you even know anyone other than an oceanographer who owns a submarine? I know I don’t. Well, whatever. If they do, this vessel can comfortably accommodate it. This haute sea craft also has not one, but two heliports, making it extremely easy to jet–I mean, helicopter off to a fascinating journey of sorts. The dining areas, balconies, and swimming pool are also impressive features aboard this craft, but they kind of sound like child’s play in comparison to the likes of the multiple heliports and submarine storage.

All things considered, this yacht is not for someone just wanting to pack up their family and go for a cruise. This gem of the ocean is for people who have adventure, luxury, have the desire to impress all others on their brain–something only true, fabulously haute people would know about.