Bon Appétit: The Haute 5 French Restaurants in Los Angeles

As in-the-know Angelenos, we’ve all heard about as much as possible about the allure of the French.  They’re known to gorge on baguette slathered with butter, follow it with foie gras, and finish it all off with a pot de crème. French cuisine has a truly immaculate, refined style.  Both chic and sexy, to master the culinary genius of the French demands, at least, an innate knowledge of wine and a deep appreciation for unpasteurized camembert. All things conisdered, it’s easy to say that if a passerby on the street mistook you for a parisien(ne), you’d be thrilled. So why not increase your chances of that happening by ordering a meal at one of LA’s hautest French establishments?  This list of LA’s haute five French restaurants should be read very laissez-faire, bien sur.

Anisette Brasserie

Santa Monica is arguably not the first area you’d think to find an authentic French brasserie.  Offering an ambiance that would make even a nationalistic French taxi driver feel at home, Anisette hits the mark with red leather banquettes, checkered floors, tables impossibly close to one another, waiters in buttoned vests, and an enormous bar filled to the ceiling (literally) with bottles of wine.  Their menu can also impress even the most trained palate with their Onion Soup Gratinee, a Foie Gras Torchon appetizer, cheeses from varying regions of France (Petit Basque, anyone?), and a serious Duck Confit.  A votre sante!

Anisette is located at 225 Santa Monica Blvd in Santa Monica. (310) 395-3200