A Treat for Monroe Fans

Nine months before her death, Marilyn Monroe decided to pay her dear friend, Pulitzer prize winner and poet, Carl Sandburg a visit. She was greeted by photographer Len Steckler, who went on to capture several photos of her while they conversed. Steckler later revealed that Sandburg had casually told him he was expecting a visitor. “Hours later, I went to open the door and there I was face to face with Marilyn Monroe, and she looked more ravishing than on the screen. She said ‘I am sorry I am late. I was at the hairdressers, matching my hair to Carl’s,'” Steckler said. These photos were never seen again, but now, after 45 years of being kept in a private collection by Steckler’s son, the 1961 photos have been revealed to the public. “I had forgotten about them,” he said.” Steckler will offer them for sale as a limited edition series called “Marilyn Monroe: The Visit.” The portraits range in price from $1,999 to $3,999, and can be purchased at TheVisitSeries.com and by phone with collectibles dealer Eagle National Mint, who is offering a certificate of authenticity for each print.

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