Space Defining Lamp

Designed by Bart Lens, Eden Design’s XXXLamp (perhaps named because it is extra, extra, extra large) is “inspired by the shape of a Chinese lantern.” However, unlike a Chinese lantern, it is more than five feet tall and 13 feet wide, making it “space defining.” The concept is that when you enter a room, you enter an area that is glowing with life and defined by the lantern itself, yet “still retain a sense of the surroundings beyond the boundary.”

Built in twelve segments, the XXXLamp gives you the option to just hang a half or a quarter of it up, use mirrors for  additional effect, or have the interior panels printed on. Similar to a hot air balloon, it is suspended by a framework with three white light fixtures, or a suite of several colored LEDs that can be controlled remotely.

To hang it, simply fix its lower edge at about shoulder level, duck to enter the illuminated area and you’re set. Although it’s not on sale yet, it is being prepared for retail markets and will probably have a price tag as large as its diameter.

Via: Luxist