Size Matters, as Miami’s Miapolis Tower Sets Sights High

The world watched in awe last week as the largest tower in the world was officially opened in Dubai. The breathtaking Burj Khalifa was unveiled on January 4th, and I for one was very impressed. The immense structure stands at 2,717ft, and literally dwarfs its rivals as the highest building in the world.

Where better than Dubai to find the most spectacular building known to man, I hear you say? Miami, that’s where. Miami has always been known for its innovation in luxury and style, and the possible creation of the largest tower in the world should come as no surprise. The Miapolis tower is planned to stand at 3,200ft and will be located on Miami’s Watsons Island. The structure would include an amusement park, a trade center, an observatory, a shopping mall, restaurants, condominiums, a hotel, office space, and a marina.

However, the plan has been in existence for close to a decade under various different titles. So, the name and location may be new but the project is not. Developer Guillermo Socarras has persisted with his dream and his determination reflects the belief needed for such a project to succeed.

Of course, there is plenty to be done before the dream becomes reality. Both local and federal approval will be needed for the huge structure and Socarras wants to organize a 99 year lease with the city at $4million per year. Finally, given the immense height involved, the Federal Aviation Administration will need to give their go ahead for the project.

So, if and when this fantastic structure becomes a reality it will without question blow the competition away. Miapolis will define luxury living in Miami and will be very difficult to top. Dubai you have been warned, Miami is coming for you. However, it still remains to be seen when we can officially claim that ours is definitely bigger than yours.

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Via: The Real Deal