Ivanka’s Old Flame is Silicon Valley’s New Eligible Bachelor

While Ivanka Trump is now a happily married woman carrying on with the daily responsibilities that are required to maintain her exceptional stance in the business world, her old boyfriend, Salar Kamangar, is quietly creeping into the headlines as one of Silicon Valley’s most soft-spoken, yet extremely eligible, handsome and wealthy bachelors.

Salar Kamangar has sprung to the media’s attention as the potential new “most eligible bachelor in Silicon Valley.” Why, you may ask? Well, for starters, he’s is extremely wealthy, arguably handsome, and as one site puts it, “all too rare in nerd central—Kamangar is a smooth operator.”

While some people are calling his former relationship with Trump a “downside,” many would beg to differ. Clearly, the man loves a strong, independent, business-minded woman, and there doesn’t seem to be any “downside” to that if you ask me. Kamangar also apparently has the potential to be a great ex-boyfriend, as he demonstrated by cordially attending Trump’s wedding to New York Observer owner Jared Kushner.

Kamangar has created an image for himself—whether intentional or not—as a “soft spoken” tech executive; a behind-the scenes fixer, and for all intensive purposes, an eligible bachelor.

Kamangar is extremely successful in his professional life, yet he tends to settle for occasional “notices in the business press for his efforts to wring money from YouTube. A recent Wall Street Journal profile portrayed him as the “quietly aggressive exec who smoothed communications” between YouTube and Google’s Mountain View headquarters. That’s got to count for something, right?

But some are saying that his discretion may be what makes him less desirable in the end when compared to other Silicon Valley tycoons such as Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Digg’s Kevin Rose. But personally, I can imagine that there is some interested woman just waiting for the opportunity to score a chance at anonymity with a man who appreciates a quiet escape from the headlines.