It’s Sexy Time…

Two new ladies have been chosen to represent a couple of haute, not to mention, hot designers. Megan Fox and Elisabetta Canalis are modeling their gorgeous faces and flawless bodies for famed designers Emporio Armani and Roberto Cavalli. The recent releases of the ads are enough to send women either to the gym or into deep-seeded jealousy and for men, well, the ads will surely send them to their knees from the sheer sexiness factors involved.

The stunning Megan Fox has the sultry, come-hither act down pat so Armani wasted no time getting her to play it up to its fullest for his ads. The ads, shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, sensually showcase Fox’s soft curves, yet still hold true to her edginess factor, Fox’s undeniable trademark ever since she came bursting onto the scene. Sure, her rough edges have been toned down a tad (her tattoos were digitally removed), but Fox just can’t help but exude that dark, mysterious vibe. And speaking of that whole dark, OMG sexiness factor, Elisabetta Canalis’ new ads for Roberto Cavalli’s lingerie line will blow you out of the water. Can you say Vixen?

Canalis models barely there, leopard-inspired lingerie while draping and lounging herself cat-like on a rich in color, velvet sofa. The Cavalli ad was also shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott who I’m sure are now probably considered two of the luckiest photographers in the world. The shoot took place in a nineteenth-century private home filled with gilded mirrors and baroque-inspired décor, resulting in a more-than-luxurious set for the more-than-sexy model. “’For my next underwear collection I was inspired by a real woman, with appeal, charisma and sensuality. I was sure Elisabetta was just perfect for enhancing the spirit of this advertising campaign… and I was not wrong!” No Mr. Cavalli, you certainly weren’t.

Via: NY Mag, In Style