Great Spots for Frozen Yogurt in Los Angeles

While many people around the country are staying indoors and drinking hot chocolate by the fire, those of us in Los Angeles and Miami really have no concept of winter at all, which is why we’re happy to explore some of LA’s greatest spots for frozen yogurt. If it’s not going to be cold outside, we might as well treat ourselves to something that will make us feel cold inside.

The Big Chill has been a local’s favorite for a long time for many reasons, including the fact that delicious different flavors are offered every day such as Irish mint, lemon cheesecake, and vanilla custard. The best part is you won’t feel guilty consuming their enormous portions because every item in this place is either fat-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, or low-carb. What more could a Californian ask for really? In addition, The Big Chill has a reputation for giving back to the community as they offer field trips for kids to see “behind the scenes” and they support multiple fundraisers.

The Big Chill is located at 10850 W. Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles; 310-475-1070

Humphrey Yogart offers a mind-freezing 4,000 possible flavor combinations every day and ses more than 50 ingredients to mix and match customer’s selections. If you can’t decide what to get, they are known for spectacular “favorite flavors” that won’t disappoint, including Espresso Heath Bar, Strawberry Oreo, and Chocolate & Reese’s Pieces.

Humphrey Yogart is located at 4574 Van Nuys Boulevard, Los Angeles; 818-906-2490

TCBY has been around since the 1980s and while it has a reputation for being somewhat old-school, their yogurt is undeniably worth trying. One of their most famous flavors is a white chocolate mousse yogurt—a huge hit every time. Guests who like to know exactly what’s going into their food will love TCBY because they provide a breakdown of every yogurt’s nutritional facts. In 2010, they are reported to be launching a new line of yogurt. As one of the places on this list that has been around the longest, it appears they still have plenty of wind left in them.

TCBY is located at 715 Montana Avenue, Santa Monica; 310-395-8388

Pinkberry is so popular it even has “Pinkberry Groupies.” With a menu full of freshly made products, including the Original, Pomegranate, Passion Fruit, and Coconut yogurts, guests can also enjoy seasonal fresh fruit toppings to complete the total package. There are even more creative toppings such as organic fruity bears and chocolate with peppermint shavings.

Pinkberry is located at 9409 Santa Monica Boulevard; 310-247-9709

Yogurtland is quickly making a name for itself in the area carrying classic and unique flavors for cheaper prices. This place is self-service so customers can grab their own dish of amazing flavors and throw on whatever toppings you want, without watching someone else skimp you on the sprinkles.  This place is in a great location as well, very close to shops and restaurants which help to drive in the traffic.

Yogurtland is located at 2130 Sawtelle Boulevard, Los Angeles; 310-268-8388