Fred Segal Fun–A Sundance Hit

As is expected, Fred Segal Fun was a premiere shop stop in the awesomeness that is the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. Mega celebrities such as Jessica Alba, America Ferrera, Marisa Tomei, Wilmer Valderrama, Joan Rivers, Adrien Grenier, Kristen Bell, and many others were in attendance. Owner and resident fashion maven Jackie Brander brought the famed line to the festival for the second year in a row.

The fashion stop offers VIP’s exclusive access to the most sought after brands in the country such as Affliction Clothing, Desigual, Dockers, Dillon Rogers, Gina and Lucy, I Heart Ronson, and GoodLife American Clothing. What’s more, for each item given away, a donation was made to a not-for-profit Sundance Institute. It’s a win/win situation!

Plenty of Paps were in attendance as the stars stopped by and picked up their swag. America Ferrera and her director boyfriend of five years arrived early Friday morning and picked up some bracelets from jewelry brand Dillon Rogers. Joan Rivers arrived and immediately got down to business, with a Desigual multi-colored coat and leather bags for her and daughter Melissa in tow.

Adrien Grenier wasn’t so lucky. The Entourage actor and his girlfriend stayed for a brief 10 minutes, and anytime Grenier had some picks in hand, his publicist was right behind him, saying, “you don’t need that.” The one item he got away with, however, was a Parish Nation plaid button down. That was something he just had to have.

Kristen Bell, lookin’ as sweet and friendly as she always does, stopped by and got some Dillon Rogers leather bracelets in multiple colors. After about 20 minutes of chatting up the owner and gushing about, “her favorite place in all of Sundance,” her famed beau Dax Shepard called and was waiting outside, and she rushed to be by his side.

It’s easy to see Fred Segal is the premiere shopping experience, from the beaches of Santa Monica to the mountains of Park City. When can we get in on some of that action?

Photos by: Chris Weeks and Alex Wyman

Adrian Grenier
America Ferrera
Chris Ashworth
Jackie Brander and America Ferrera
John Legend and Model Chrissy Teigen
Kerry Washington
Terrell Owens