La Descarga Opens and Renews Your Love For Rum

Rum really isn’t everyone’s spirit of choice.  There are those who rarely venture beyond vodka (it does go with many a mixer), then there’s the club of gin drinkers who favor a more sophisticated set of mixers.  Let’s face it; Red Bull isn’t exactly made for developed palates.  There are the wily tequila drinkers who have a similar temperament to redheads and the old-fashioned whiskey lovers.  Rum has gotten somewhat of a short stick – limited only to daiquiris, mai tais, mojitos, and other sweet concoctions that many times come with an umbrella in the top. Cue La Descarga – a new speakeasy style bar on Western Ave that celebrates rum like no one else has.

Designed to make you feel like you’ve illegally made your way down south to Havana, La Descarga has no sign on the door, but once you’ve checked in (reservations are strongly encouraged), you pass into a world of Latin-fueled wonder.  The team behind La Descarga includes bartenders Pablo Moix, direct from Bacardi, and Steve Livigni, formerly of The Doheny.  Their drinks are serious business, as is the music, to which dancers will shake what their mama gave them after dropping from the ceiling, or so we hear.

Did we mention the cigar room in the back? This is living la vida Cubana – and just like when you snuck into Cuba all those years ago, no one needs to stamp your passport.

La Descarga officially opens February 2 and is located at 1159 Western Ave in Los Angeles.  To make reservations, visit their website.