Emulsifiers and Foams Galore! Gastronomy School To Open In Spain

Are you a culinary guru looking to master the mysterious chemistry of taste, a.k.a. “molecular gastronomy?” You’re in luck. On September 1, 2010 the Basque Culinary Centre in San Sebastian will open its doors to aspiring chefs with a first of its kind four-year undergraduate program in gastronomy.

Taught by celebrated restaurateur Ferran Adria, owner of El Bulli and father of molecular gastronomy, and Britain’s own Heston Blumenthal, inventor of egg and bacon ice cream and chocolate wine, students will study recipes of the future using scientific innovation.

Located in Spain’s Basque country and built to resemble a pile of stacked plates, authorities hope the university will establish the region as the new “mecca of the world haute cuisine.”

The region already holds a rep for some of the best gastronomical expertise in Spain as it is home to nine restaurants who together boast a total of 16 Michelin stars. Many of these local chefs have promised to support the university as guest lecturers.