Chinese Floating Home Ordered to Be Moved Immediately

A $15 million dollar luxury home built by a Chinese millionaire on the Guangdong province’s sea has been ordered to be moved, or, a local court in Shenzhen threatens that it will be destroyed. After hitting the jackpot on several real estate developments, Guo Kuizang started building the home in 2003, which now covers 3,000 square meters and is held in place by 39 anchors that weigh 1,000kg each. The home also has a horse breeding farm, and has been luxuriously decorated. Only certain guests who were personally invited on to the island can see the creation.

Apparently, the court ordered that he move it immediately because he was using the space illegally. The owner argues that it was an oceanic entertainment project, and that the country has no laws that regulates such projects. We wonder how someone who made his living on real estate developments didn’t look into such a situation beforehand.

Via: Luxury Launches