California Bar Exam Taker’s New Gadget

There would eventually come a time where technology would catch up to every aspect of our lives. It seems the day has come, and although we still don’t have flying cars, or tele-transporters, students can be thankful for this little piece of technology. For California Bar exam takers a new iPhone app is available. Developed by Mike Ghaffary, director of business development at TrailPay, the BarMax app looks to compete with other favorable bar exam coaching companies.

How it works is the app takes up 1GB of space on Cupertino-based Apple’s iPhone or iPod touch. Once purchased exam takers have access to thousands of pages of material and hundreds of hours of audio lectures, all accessible at the palm of your hand. Of course, sweet study material like this comes at a price. Possibly the most expensive app on the market, the virtual coach will cost $1,000. For that price lets hope it is effective.

Via: Biz Journals