Butch Harmon’s Wise Words for Tiger Woods

Tiger’s Woods’ former coach, Butch Harmon, has some tough love that he’s handing out to the world’s greatest golfer in the midst of one of the biggest sports scandals to hit in a very long time. What is Harmon advising Woods to do? Read on to find out.

As Woods’ seemingly has disappeared into thin air while the world waits to see what his next move will be amidst allegations of infidelity and rumors of divorce, his former coach Harmon believes that the world’s greatest golfer should “risk the humiliation and embarrassment of a full and frank news conference over his infidelities before he can get on with his life.”

Woods released a statement on his website saying he is taking an indefinite break from golf and he has been reportedly taken some time to think things over (hopefully) on his yacht, Privacy.

Harmon now coaches world number two golfer Phil Mickelson said, “The golfing public would like to see Tiger Woods do a press conference. To stand in front of everybody, take his medicine, be humble, be embarrassed, be humiliated, and answers the questions.” He adds, “The difficult part, in my opinion, is going to be the heckling from the galleries. He is going to get it.”

Harmon believe that Woods will be back on the golf course for the Ryder Cup, although that has not been confirmed by anyone close to the billionaire golfer, and Harmon offers, “that is going to be very interesting.” Harmon also believes Woods is likely to return for one of the four PGA Tour events set to happen in Florida in March, and said, “the 34-year-old American was strong enough to turn the other cheek to the crowds. He’s the strongest person mentally that’s ever played our game. If there is anyone who can block out this extra stuff that is going on around him, he is probably the guy.”