Beware of Botox

As if chemical warfare and other methods of mass destruction weren’t enough for us all to fret over concerning possible future terrorist attacks, now, apparently we need to worry about Botox too. Sound crazy? Unfortunately it just may be a legitimate concern. Botulinum toxin, the key ingredient and hazardous poison in Botox, has the potential to cause serious damage and not just to certain body parts from its long-term use. According to the paper, there are several illegal Botox factories in China and Chechnya. These factories pose a huge threat due to the likelihood of terrorists sourcing the poison for use in possible widespread attacks. And this stuff is no joke either. What countless men and women have been using for years to erase or smooth away fine lines and wrinkles, can, in its purest form, kill a 150 pound person, and that’s just in one single, tiny toxin protein. This is all pretty alarming if you ask me. However, unless these terrorists have a ton of time on their hands, they would literally need to gather hundreds of vials of Botox to have even close to the amount needed in order for it to be lethal. Ok well, that’s a bit more settling I guess. Well, maybe not but what can you do? You certainly can’t avoid living your life by simply only thinking of what could happen. Next thing you know, a report will be released stating that a key ingredient in toothpaste has the capability to kill. Does that mean we’re all going to put an end to brushing our teeth? Good lord, for your sake and mine, I really hope not.

On more of a lighter note, officials in China and Russia are currently trying to shut down these illegal Botox factories. But no word yet on whether or not they will be getting treatments themselves before the closing occurs. I wouldn’t be surprised.