Los Angeles’ Best Dining Neighborhoods of 2009

Think you know what is considered the best dining neighborhood of your area; or perhaps have you been missing out on some fantastic city dining over the past year? Let’s find out what some food experts say about Los Angeles’ dining scene and discover what one area many of them actually agreed on.

It may sound like an easier question than it actually is—would you be able to quickly identify the best dining neighborhood in your city? If you live in Los Angeles or even if you don’t and you’re just curious as to where the best restaurants of the city are located, read on to find out what Eater discovered when they asked local foodies. Afterwards, let us know what your favorite Los Angeles dining neighborhood is and why.

Jonathan Gold, LA Weekly: “San Gabriel. As usual.”

Eric Alperin, mixologist, The Varnish: “I live and work downtown and I don’t have a car, so I would have to say that I discovered what’s in downtown pretty well.”

Jeff Miller, Thrillist: “I still feel lucky to live in the miracle mile, where I can walk just about anywhere; that said, I did find myself itching for ramen and Korean a ton this year, which brought me downtown and to K-town whenever there was a craving that needed filling.”

Cedd Moses, restaurant/bar owner: “Downtown.”

Sam Nazarian, Hotel/Restaurant/Club mogul: “Silverlake.”

Mark Peel, chef and restaurant owner, The Tar Pit: “Downtown.”

Lesley Bargar Suter, Los Angeles Magazine: “Downtown.”

Odell:SG Valley