Yountville Loses Napa Valley Grille

In an ironic twist of events, Napa Valley Grille has abruptly shut its Yountville doors, leaving many people scratching their heads and top chefs in the area eagerly anticipating what could be a perfect blank slate to create a new haute restaurant.

Yountville is one of Napa Valley’s hottest spots for restaurants and big-name chefs (Thomas Keller ring a bell?) but the locale has just lost one of its greatest, the Napa Valley Grille, with little explanation.

Napa Valley Grille has branches in Los Angeles, Jersey, Rhode Island, and Minnesota, but it ironically no longer calls Napa Valley home. The restaurant has only cited “lease issues” as the reason for the Yountville closure, however, it has also been reported that the restaurant has been scouting other Napa Valley locations, although no word on the result of that search as of yet.

The development with the Napa Valley Grille could potentially mean that there will be a new restaurant property up for grabs, and with the pantheon of chefs in the area, its likely that it won’t take long before the space gets an haute makeover. Stay tuned to find out who grabs the spot and what the future has for Yountville’s Napa Valley Grille.