U2’s The Edge Plans to Build Five Malibu Homes

 Being the lead guitarist of one of the world’s most successful rock bands certainly has its perks, including having the finances to build five houses atop a ridge in the beachside paradise of Malibu. Now all that is missing is the official permission to start construction. Minor detail.

As one of the best and most famous guitarists around the world, U2’s the Edge, has been in the news recently because of his somewhat ostentatious ambition to build five eco-friendly houses in Malibu and subsequently relocate his family into the homes. Despite his best efforts, however, Edge’s plans have been met with serious opposition from environmentalists and critics who claim “the truly green thing for the Edge to do would be to stay in the house he’s in, and avoid yet another ego-propelled incursion into one of the great wilderness areas of the state.”

The Edge has created a website to help his cause, and on it he has a message which says, in part, “I hope you will agree that my partners and I have worked diligently to design homes that meet the highest environmental standards; that fit appropriately and aesthetically into this beautiful part of Southern California; and that are truly remarkable examples of the best architecture and design. Why did we go to so much effort? Because my family and I love Malibu. We’ve maintained a residence here for more than a decade, and once our new home is finished we expect to spend much of our time here. We want to create something that we can be proud of. We all acknowledge and understand the concerns arising from our immediate neighbors and neighborhood about the disruption that any building project causes on daily lives. We take this into consideration and are doing our utmost at looking for ways to minimize this disruption.”

The homes have already been named, Clouds Rest, Panorama, Shell House, Blue Clouds, and Leaves in the Wind. Initial design templates and a basic description of each house can be seen on his website. In the meantime, there is surely some more back and forth that will happen prior to any final decisions regarding the construction are made.

Blue Clouds
Leaves in the Wind