Tom Colicchio’s Tom Tuesday Dinner

Tom Colicchio is momentarily taking a step aside from his role as a judge on television sensation, Top Chef, to discuss some of his other endeavors, most notably his restaurant Craft which features a bi-weekly, seasonal, always changing $150-$200 menu cooked by Colicchio himself, and what is to come next for the celeb chef.

Tom Colicchio is one of the esteemed judges on the very popular show, Top Chef  and he recently reported that his other labor of love, his restaurant Craft and the by-weekly menu cooked in the private dining room called Tom Tuesday Dinner, may be expanding its concept into a full Tom Tuesday Dinner-inspired full service restaurant.

Tom Tuesday Dinner is an extremely popular by-weekly option at Craft where Colicchio prepares a special seasonal, always changing $150-$200 menu for his guests. The private dining area only seats 32 lucky patrons, and Colicchio says demand is still going extremely strong despite the concept’s buzz somewhat dying down. He says they still sell out every dinner, as “well as surprise last minute Wednesday dinners,” every restaurateur’s mid-week fantasy.


Tom Tuesday Dinner’s popularity has urged something inside of the celeb chef to make plans to open a new restaurant as he wants to “start doing that food again in a permanent setting.” While nothing is set in stone yet, Colicchio says, “If I open something new, it’s months and months of time. It’s not just something I can hand off. Also, the other advantage of this is there are two sides of your brain, especially for a chef. There’s the business side and the creative side. I’ve found over the past seven years growing Craft that I’m mostly using the business side, not the creative side. We’re creating new restaurants, but we’re not creating new concepts.”

It’s unknown exactly where this suggested restaurant will be located, however Colicchio admits it will be in the same New York neighborhood as Craft, and adds, “I’m still thinking about it, still looking at places.” We will certainly be keeping our eye out for this one!


Via: Grub Street New York. Eater New York