Tiger Sushi Opens in Beverly Hills

There are some dishes that you will never forget.  Even if you never go back to the particular restaurant again for whatever reason – it’s out of town, you went there with your ex, it didn’t survive this economy – there are spectacular meals your taste buds just won’t let go of.  It’s a magical occurrence, then, when a restaurant in your town that actually can stand the heat in the kitchen recreates said dish without even asking you for the recipe.  Tiger Sushi, now open in Beverly Hills has got a menu with all your new favorites.

The former home of doomed Luckyfish, Tiger Sushi can offer you everything from traditional Japanese fare (sushi, sashimi, tempura) to meats from a custom Bincho grill (it can reach up to 1000 degrees without any smoke) and choices like Angel Hair Pasta with Uni, which really sounds like something fantastic you ate once before.  Next time you’re searching for something to delight your taste buds that you can actually revisit, we’ve got a good feeling about Tiger Sushi – the guys behind Villa and Nobu had a hand in this.

Tiger Sushi is located at 340 N. Canon Drive in Beverly Hills.  (310) 274-3200