The Liquid Glass 41 Luxury Cat Powerboat

Liquid Glass Powerboats are responsible for some of the most powerful and luxurious boats in the world, and this week at the Dubai International Moto Show 2009 they unveiled their latest creation: a 41-foot powerboat called 41 Luxury Cat.

The Dubai International Motor Show 2009 is certainly the place to be this week for those who love anything to do with speed. Liquid Glass Powerboats just unveiled their new 41-foot powerboat, the 41 Luxury Cat, at the Dubai show and it’s already making a splash.

 The 41 Luxury Cat is a luxurious, custom-built, high-tech recreational catamaran. The powerboat is capable of achieving top speeds of 200km/h due to its state-of-the-art infusion-molded hull and deck and the fact that it’s powered by twin 700 hp ‘Mercury Racing’ engines. The boat has been beautifully designed and built with a range of features includes a high-gloss white Gelcoat base finish, a unique custom paint, power seats and power footrests for optimal comfort and support, GPS navigation, cockpit seating for six passengers, and a below-bow cabin completely decked out with spectacular audio and video appointments. If that isn’t enough for you speedsters, the 41 Luxury Cat also comes with a lifetime hill warranty and a long list of customization options.

The 41 Luxury Cat is priced at $760,000.