The Art of Looking Good

We are experiencing one of the worst times in our country’s economy history; however, art and high-luxury brands are thriving. Since 1994, UBS has been a proud sponsor of Art Basel, and also of Art Basel Miami Beach since the fair launched in 2002. Art always has been an important part of the company’s cultural program. UBS offers sophisticated financial products and services exclusively designed to address the needs of high-net-worth, affluent individuals. At Jared M, we provide the same level of products and services exclusively for gentlemen who want to always be seen in the latest trends. Our elite styling team ensures that our customers always look superior amongst their peers.

Art and fashion always go hand in hand, so whether you are dressing for the gallery exhibitions or the social gatherings, it is essential that you look chic. These five striking looks will have you looking fashion forward no matter what your Art Basel and subsequent holiday plans entail.

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