Switzerland’s Underground Home

Amidst a cluster of sweeping mountain houses you’ll find a home unlike the rest. Well, you  may have to look carefully to actually find the home, as it’s been built underground in the Swiss village of Vals.

Underground home designs are certainly a rarity, and finding a luxurious one surrounded by some of the world’s most elegant landscape is ever rarer. Over in beautiful Switzerland one such home has caught our haute eye. The unusual yet stunning home plan is the result of an innovative collaboration between Dutch architects at SEARCH and Christian Muller Architects.

Nestled among a cluster of mountain homes in the Swiss village of Vals, you’ll find a majestic stone home carefully situated under the ground with breathtaking Alpine views through a large opening in the hillside. The home features a spacious outdoor entertaining area that leads to the house’s main entrance. A second entrance is accessible through an underground pathway.

There is a circular opening in the mountainside allowing for plenty of light to seep through the large windows flooding the interior of the home with natural lighting framed by mountain views. Take a look at some additional photos below of the novel and beautiful mountainside home.