Le Fooding: French Cuisine in a Parisian Pool

If having your dinner served in an empty Parisian swimming pool is your idea of good time, then the Le Fooding event taking place in the city of love is something you should definitely cross the pond for. Each night Le Fooding event invites famous chefs to cook a dish they’d never serve in their restaurant to guests who dine in an empty Parisian swimming pool.

Chef Pascale Brevet, from The Atlantic, has been invited to cook at this week’s Le Fooding event in Paris. Le Flooding is a series of events put on by the French culinary organization to explore “the age-old notion of propriety in food.” The meals are served in an empty Parisian swimming pool and include highlights such as an entrée of horse meat and an odd pairing of fine cheese with champagne, instead of red wine.

The empty swimming pool, Piscine Molitor, where guests dine on exquisite meals prepared by top chefs is surrounded by graffiti and foodies who simply cannot get enough of food and wine chit-chat. Located in Paris’ 16th arrondissement, the pool is the current home to a movement which is shaking up the world of French gastronomy.

Seating at the event is accommodated with communal tables allowing for easy conversation and friendly exchanges with neighbors over fine food and drink.