UPDATE: Some Vintage Green with Your Vintage Red: An Evening of Art at the Core Club

Last Wednesday, the Core Club hosted a talk with Italian photographer Massimo Vitali. Vitali’s work, along with that of German portraitist Albrecht Tuebke makes up the Vintage Green exhibit, which recently embarked on a world tour. Their photography explores the people and places of Castagneto Carducci and Bolgheri, regions in Tuscany best known for their wines.

It was an understated evening, free of cameras or flashiness; just good wine and good art. Following a tasting of Bolgheri DOC wines, Bonni Benrubi moderated the talk with photographer Vitali. She compared his work to Dutch paintings and praised his ability to capture individuals in moments of their lives. Massimo then spoke about his start in the world of art photography at the age of 50, his aesthetic choices, and his favorite cameras.

Vitali uses an 8 x 10 camera to capture the dramatic vistas in his work. His pictures are expansive, breathtaking, bright, and romantic. He photographs open spaces like beaches, vineyards, and highways, and the people who inhabit them. There are the clear bright skies and busy sunbathers of Day at The Beach and the lush foliage, visitors and works of Vineyards with a View.

The event itself felt a little more college lecture than grown-up art talk. Seated on gray leather couches, a full audience overflowed onto the steps. With less than ideal acoustics (and perhaps a little too much Tuscan wine) the audience quickly became fidgety. A few guests discussed Megan Fairchild’s performance in the New York City Ballet’s Nutcracker and tried to remember her role. (Was it “golden fairy” or “buttercup fairy?”)

The evening marked the closing night of the month-long exhibit at the Core Club. However, you can see Massimo’s show Landscape with Figures 2 at the Bonni Benrubi Gallery at 41 East 57th St. The show runs until February 27, 2010.


People: The private midtown club boasts a list of high profile members including producer Harvey Weinstein, architect Richard Meier, fashion designer Tory Burch, and former U.S. president Bill Clinton.

Dress: Suits for men; sheath dresses or pants and boots for women, all in dark grays, browns, and blacks—unless you’re brave enough to be one of the three people in the room wearing fire engine red.

Gadget of choice: Blackberries, not iPhones. It is fine to leave your phone on unless you have an embarrassing ring tone (for which you will be undoubtedly be shunned).

Conversation starters: “Are you a member?” or even better, “Are you a founding member?”

M.VITALI - Viale de' Cavalleggeri, Marina di Castagneto
M.VITALI - Viale de' Cavalleggeri, Marina di Castagneto

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