Saying Goodbye to Some of Miami’s Favorites

Times are still somewhat tough for today’s economy. For some though, it’s a lot tougher than others and unfortunately, Miami is seeing a few of our once favorite hot spots fade into the background, eventually altogether disappearing. Let’s take a look back at and reminisce about some of our favorites. May they all rest in peace.

Au Pied de Cochon was one of my personal favorites and I must admit, I was uber sad to hear about its closing. This quaint place had the French bistro food thing nailed down. The atmosphere was lovely and the location, close to South Pointe Park, even lovelier. The lamb chops, delish but the risotto, indescribably good. Cacao will be dearly missed as well, having been up and running for seven years. The Latin American mouth watering dishes were unforgettable but then again, how could you forget dishes like roasted quail swollen with chicken and chorizo mousse?  North One 10 on Biscayne brought Miami outstanding food and wine without any of the normal Miami fuss. It was the perfect place to escape the rest of Miami’s crazy food scene, and still get an excellent meal along with excellent service. This closing definitely tugs at my heart strings. Owners Dewey and Dale LoSasso, both chefs as well, are now working on other projects, Dewey at Forge and Dale at Solea at the W Hotel South Beach.

Table 8 was a fantastic place to get an uncomplicated meal in a very pretty setting. There’s really not much else to say about this locale, but it will certainly be missed for its simplicity done right. The last on the list of sad closures is Tuscan Steak. One word, well two, no, actually three-truffle garlic bread! Oh my lord, this thought alone is enough to send me into a deep depression. The thought of me never again having this flavorful, melt-in-your-mouth delight is seriously enough to start a panic attack. If you’ve been lucky enough to enjoy this and Tuscan Steak’s other plates, you can relate and probably wouldn’t dare say I was overreacting. For those of you who never did dine there, I’m sorry you missed out.

Via: Miami New Times