Porsche Design Biometric Lasers to Secure New Mobile Phones

Porsche Design just released two new mobile phone models in Asia with Brand Lab Group as the sole distributor for Porsche Design phones in Hong Kong, Macau, China, and Southeast Asia.

As cell phone usage expands through the nation at seemingly exponential rates, having the sleekest and most luxurious phone is certainly on the mind of many trendy consumers. What better way to have the most fashionable mobile phone than to purchase one designed by Italian luxury brand Porsche?

Porsche Design has just unveiled two new elegant mobile phone models which are currently only available in Asia (exclusivity? Check!), the P’9521 and the P’9522. Brand Lab Group has been designated as the sole distributor for the phones in Hong Kong, Macau, China, and Southeast Asia.

Both phones have been shaped out of solid aluminum blocks feature the traditional timeless distinction typical of the luxury brand. The P’9521 is a “clamshell” phone which comes in silver, white, and the Club Limited Edition. The hinge on his model has been made from aluminum as well, enabling the screen to pivot 180 degrees.  

The more progressive model, the P’9522, is a “purist candy bar mobile phone” with chic black and aluminum finish. This model is a Wi-Fi enabled quad-band phone that functions by way of touch screen.

The real icing on the cake for these Porsche Design phones is that both the P’9521 and the P’9522 have been designed with innovative biometric fingerprint sensors that secure access to personal information stored on the phone, such as messages, photos, and contacts.

For P’9522 customers in Hong Kong, Porsche Design Mobile Phones introduced a custom laser engraving service, just so everyone else knows whose finger prints are needed to activate that secure information. This service will continue to be available through February 2010. If you buy a P’9522 headset along with your phone, this service will be free. Craftsmen can engrave unique messages, such as your name, your birthday, or other messages, onto the back of the handset within just three to five working days, depending on the extent of the engraving.