Mühle’s Top Shaving Kit

Mühle, the company who pioneered a classic modern men’s skincare line selling razors, straight blades, shaving-cream cups, mirrors, and skin-care products since 1990, just created their exclusive Mühle Edition No. 1 Carbon shaving set. As a high-tech material, carbon delights engineers and fascinates designers. To achieve the product’s required firmness, they apply resin several times for its gleaming results, and remain faithful to the simple, classic lines of the brand. The design is characterized by pure, ergonomic styling and outstanding materials. For the brush head, only the finest handcrafted badger hair with silver tips was used. Handmade badger-hair brushes have been their trademark since 1945. The set comes with a badger-hair brush, a razor and in a white resin gift box.

Via: Mühle