Meal Time Favorites at the Four Seasons

The next time you’re at a Four Seasons, take a minute to peruse the hotel’s menu at the restaurant; you may very well be in for a pleasant surprise that will satisfy everyone in your family. Here is a rundown of some meal time favorites at Four Seasons Hotels across the United States.

Beginning our journey at the Four Season in Miami, there are two restaurants on this premise which are definitely worth your time. One is called Acqua where you’ll find the chef suggestion (as well as guests suggestions) includes a dish featuring  steamed sea bass with Moroccan spiced couscous, wilted greens and semi-dried tomatoes, all set over a light lobster saffron beurre blanc. The dish exudes subtle flavors mixed with a Southeast-Asia influence which is likely the result of Executive Chef, Patrick Boucher’s year of chef experience at the Four Season Resort Bali Jimbaran Bay. The other Four Seasons Miami restaurant to make sure you check out is called Bahia, where Cuban food dominates the menu. Chef Boucher says, “The Cuban pork sandwich is a Miami staple,” and Bahia takes a sophisticated twist on this item by creating The Cubano Wrap which is a pressed Panini with layers of pulled pork, ham, Swiss cheese, dill pickles, and yellow mustard.

For our New York market, head over to the Four Seasons New York where you’ll find both L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon and The Garden restaurants catering to diners every need. At L’Atelier, three dishes make up the signature selections, including caramelized eel layered with smoked foie gras and muscovado (brown sugar) brulee; a crispy langoustine papillote perfectly fried and served with basil pesto dipping sauce; and a free-range caramelized quail featuring a breast of quail stuffed with foie gras. Over at The Garden, steak frites with a bottle of red wine are the perfect solution for any meal time decision. Simple, and delicious.

At the Four Seasons Hotel in Boston, guests enjoy the Bristol Burger, a signature dish at onsite restaurant, The Bristol Lounge. Executive Chef, Brooke Vosika, says, ‘As our menu evolves, the Bristol Burger remains a staple on the lunch and dinner menus. It has become a sort of icon in Boston.” This iconic burger is made with quality beef and fresh, home-made, ingredients. Vosika says that the restaurant sells an astounding 20,000 Bristol Burgers annually.

Via: Four Seasons Magazine