Marcelita: Getting In Tune With Your Floral Side

As a woman, its often a point of shame to not know much about flowers – or to see them meet their ultimate demise upon entering your humble abode.  Perhaps its old fashioned, but it does seem that women are still expected to know just what to do when a man brings her a bouquet of flowers, but in this day and age, those women are fewer and fewer.  The caveat is that those women still enjoy receiving flowers, which is why the opening of Marcelita L’Art et Le The is so enticing.

On W. 3rd Street in West Hollywood, Marcelita is a fresh, clean new flower, art, and tea shop selling beautiful and unusual arrangements, modern colorful art prints, and a wide selection of teas.  Truly, gentlemen, if you pick up one of each from Marcelita’s shop you’ll be out of the doghouse in no time.

The arrangements are simplistic, but stunning and the bike “growing” on one side of the shop shows the shop’s subtle whimsy.  It’s not the kind of place where you’ll need to know just what that flower is called in order to buy it – thank goodness.  The lady you’re buying for won’t know the name herself, so just make sure its pretty.

Marcelita L’Art et Le The is located at 8316 W 3rd Street in West Hollywood. It is closed on Sundays.