Madonna’s Horse Heaven

Madonna may be in the market for some coveted Hamptons land, yet it wouldn’t be a vacation home. According to The Post, the material girl is finally buying her horse farm in the Hamptons.

After dishing out about $32 million for her Upper East Side townhouse, she is now buying Wild Ocean Farm. The Bridgehampton farm is reportedly owned by Kelly Klein, ex wife of fashion designer Calvin Klein, and is selling for just under $10 million.  Insider’s say Klein quietly put the property on the market and Madonna purchased it without a broker. Quick and painless purchase, let’s hope it wasn’t too hasty of a decision.

The property spanning a total of thirty acres was formally used to train show horses. There is no house on the property, except for perhaps a groom’s apartment, brokers suggest, so this property would be exclusively for Madge’s horses.  In addition to the horse heaven, Madonna also plans to purchase an additional 24 acres at 10 Mitchells Lane, currently listing at $2.4 million. Speculations about whether she plans on building a home on that property are flying, yet it may be unlikely.

According to international broker notes, Suffolk County may make it difficult for Madonna if she plans to build a home on either property. The county plans to purchase the land’s development rights to forbid any kind of building. This means the extensive piece of land can only be used for riding horses, not building homes. If she wants a place to stay in the Hamptons she will have to find some other locale-or sleep with the horses.

Via:  The Real Deal, Curbed, NY  Post