High Quality Systems with High-Def Zones

For those who love home theatre systems, High-Def Zone is always ready to transform the way you think a home theatre should be, making sure that your home theatre system is your very own front-row seat for a private concert hall experience. Now, you can look beyond your home theatre as just a movies and TV investment with their rich, dynamic, and breathtaking world-renowed music recordings that come to life in your home. They are what high-quality pictures is all about, using only the best audiophile gear and home theatre designs with the best audio and video manufacturers in the world.

High-Def Zone, In. has endeavored to use only green products to improve the electronic lifestyles of clients who believe in greener environment. For example, the Digilinx system from Netstreams is a primary product for music and video distribution. Unlike other music distribution products, the amplifiers in this system are shut-down when the music is turned off. Also, the RadioRa and HomeWorks Lighting Control Systems from Lutron are green-friendly. Using these lighting control systems in homes 10,000 square feet and up, High-Def Zones help clients optimize the use of energy to elegantly control the visual environment inside the home, while keeping the outside environment green.
The best way to design a high-end system, whether it is an electronic lifestyle automation or a home theater, is to match the client’s lifestyle to the electronics, and they promise to do just that.


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