Haute’s Top 5 Steak Spots in Dubai

Dubai is becoming increasingly known for its rich variety of high-end gastronomic venues. Of course there is still always the option to settle for satisfying street food consisting of Middle Eastern specialties such as falafel and manouiche at very yummy joints such as the chain Zaatar and Zeit. But if you are craving a zesty real mouth-watering steak in an elegant and hip surrounding you are going to have to check out these top five steak spots and forgo the hummos.

La Parilla, Jumeirah Beach Hotel
04 406 8999 Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Jumeirah

One of the best South American restaurants in Dubai, this excellent Argentinean venue also features some of the top steaks in the city. The spot is charming and comfortable with beautiful views of the water. Have a luscious glass of Argentinean red wine with rich tenderloin steak and a colorful side of beans and vegetables. A live band of Argentinean musicians play on the dance floor inviting guests to tango away after they’ve finished their meal.