For Sale: The Life and Times of MJ

For anyone wanting a piece of Michael Jackson, there’s still plenty to go around. One of the most recent items sold was a Kehinde Wiley piece showing Jackson on horseback dressed as some sort of royalty during Miami’s Art Basel. The piece sold for an incredible $175,000. But now, one of the most talked about items up for grabs is The Official Michael Jackson Opus, a 38-pound book containing portraits, lyrics, and many other personal remembrances. The book is selling for a marginally lower $249 but offers plenty of Jackson-filled memorabilia for the fanatic out there. One of the notable images in the book is of Jackson as a statue, surrounded by children dressed as angels. Two words-no comment. But on a more serious note, almost anything you can think of is available to the highest bidder when it comes to Jackson’s belongings. From his infamous gloves to other portraits and such, there’s plenty to choose from, but in most cases, you have to be willing to spend some high dollar amounts to obtain the items. I wonder if you can buy his Blanket, his child that is. I’m sorry, I couldn’t turn down the opportunity.

Via: Luxist, Time