Citigroup Spokesman Clueless About Ongoing FBI Investigation

It’s not completely strange that some employees don’t always know all the bits and pieces that go on behind the scenes of their company. Why else would many have lost their jobs not knowing that their companies were deep into debt, which led them down the drain once the recession hit its worst peak? This piece of news, however, is somewhat comical, as a very public theft of many millions from banking giant, Citigroup caused an uproar within the news, media, and within the company. This spokesperson, however, seemed clueless! While the theft of tens of millions of dollars stolen from Citigroup is currently being investigated by the FBI, it is believed that the theft was orchestrated by a Russian gang of computer hackers. In response to the Wall Street Journal’s report of the ongoing investigation, a spokesman for the infamously hefty banking company said, “I’m not aware of any major case the FBI is working in our company at this magnitude.” Seriously?

Via: NY Mag