Celebs at Thanksgiving

Oh, Thanksgiving. It’s a time for giving thanks, spending time with families, the mysterious disappearance of thousands upon thousands of turkeys, and, of course, photo ops. Around this time of the year we always see a slew of celebrities and political figures being captured on camera doing good deeds for humanity.

This year many of them spent their holiday serving food, such as turkey and pumpkin pie, to those less fortunate than them. Getty Images captured a solid amount of perfectly crafted photos of celebs such as Ludacris, Akon, Holly Madison, Corbin Bleu, and Dane Cook. The First Family definitely didn’t miss out on this great opportunity either. Our President Obama, his First Lady, and the First Daughters were also caught in the front lines personally handing out food to the needy.

I guess we can give them all the benefit of the doubt and say that it came from their noble hearts and it wasn’t JUST for the photo ops. Happy Holidays!

The Obama Family
The Obama Family

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