Bobby Flay Sued by Hamptons Real Estate Agent

Celebrity chef Bobby Flay purchased a 2.89-acre vacant piece of land in Amaganseet in last August for $1.485, and now the real estate agent who sold Flay and his wife, Stephanie March, the property has filed a lawsuit claiming he lost his job because of certain events that ensued prior to Flay’s dream home purchase.

When real estate agent Alexander Peters sold celebrity chef and Food Network star Bobby Flay and his wife a piece of land in August on which the couple had planned to build a “green home,” it’s likely that no one could predict the string of events that was about to occur involving the vacant lot.

Peters sold the 2.89-acre piece of land for $1.485 million to Flay and his wife however after the closing, Peters informed Flay that the property is “full of colonial and Indian relics.” In a letter to the property owners, Peters wrote, “I’m sure you wouldn’t want to disturb Montaukeet grave sites, so I’d be happy to show you where they are and share some of the history of your land.”

Upon receipt of this information, Flay complained, which, according to Peter’s lawsuit that was just filed, led to Peters being fired at Brown Harris Stevens, and now Peters wants compensation.

Peters owns homes in Amagansett and Manhattan. Flay and March tend to live low-key lives when spending time in the Hamptons, noting, “We try not to clog the day up. Every now and then we go to a social event, but by 2 p.m. I’m exhausted—especially after a bottle of rose—and I tend to go to bed by 10.” Considering the pending lawsuit, it looks like Flay’s low-key life is about to get a bit more high strung.