You’re Not So Hard to Shop For

As you empty your wallets on gifts for friends, family, and loved ones (and required office and cousin gifts), you should really remember to buy something for yourself.  You have been there for yourself through thick and thin, you cook yourself soup when you’re sick, and you don’t screen your own calls… Make sure you treat yourself!  But, before you go and buy yourself the same thing you’ve bought for someone else on your list, check out these new shops and see if yourself might like something a little different.

For those times when you want to feel like a muse, pop into Clothespin on Melrose Avenue, recently opened by Gale Parker.  Among the designers and artists who’ve garnered inspiration from her blonde locks and wispy, hippie style are Yves Saint Laurent and Andy Warhol.  Her shop carries clothing that will surely help you catch the eye of the next great designer (or at least the next winner of Project Runway) – think light floral dresses, vintage accessories, funky leather belts and boots, and sweet beaded sweaters.

If you feel like being cozy and yet stylish (which cancels out the Snuggie), there are few brands that hit the mark – Splendid, newly opened on Roberston Blvd., is one of them.  Their soft-as-ever tops and sweaters are perfect for travel, lounging, or really just about anything, while their body skimming dresses and long, windy scarves are simply de rigeur – especially in LA.

When you feel like your home needs a bit of an edge, head over to Commune’s Community Shop on Robertson Blvd. (very conveniently located next door to the new Louboutin shop).  From brass book ends shaped like hands to one of a kind, hand woven pillows – this place stocks all you’ll need to make sure no one can recognize that the rest of your furniture came out of a catalog.  Just make sure you check out their opening hours and if they’re not open, book an appointment!