Woods Should Stick to Golf, Not Architecture

Everyone knows that Tiger Woods is a tremendous golfer. He’s been a star in the golf world for as far back as just about anyone can remember. His moves on the green are most always polished; his style and presence pretty sleek too. However, by the looks of his new home currently being built on Jupiter Island, his taste in residential design is definitely lacking. Apparently his chic style ends as soon as he steps foot off the fairway.

The new home on the island is comprised of four different properties, totaling 12 acres that Woods bought for $44.5 million back in 2006. After tearing the existing homes down, construction began on what was once potentially thought to be a cool, hip, golfer’s paradise. But after reviewing the photographs, it’s now safe to say that the home looks to be anything but. It’s very reminiscent of a tacky and generic, commercialized motel. Super 8 anyone? Or, depending on how you look at it, it could also very well pass for some sort of South Florida, “fancy” old folks home. Bring out the rattan patio furniture with the tropical-printed cushions! Oh la-la!  The 9,700-square-foot crib is designed with the living quarters all on one side, separated by a glass-covered walkway from the gym area. A glass-covered walkway huh? Do I really need to make a snide comment about this feature as well? I think not. It’s been reported that the builders working on the property all signed confidentiality agreements and now it’s clear as to why. I wouldn’t want people leaking to the media how uninviting, cold, austere, and commercial–looking my new home was either. But please remember, this is all just my opinion, all 100 percent of it. You can look at the pictures and make your own assessment. I guess I’m just shocked to see this kind of taste from a man whose style is normally so ascetically pleasing both on and off the golf course. But next time I’m visiting Jupiter Island and need a place to stay, the Woods Super 8 will be the first on my list of places to call. I wonder if a complimentary continental breakfast is included or if you get the second night’s stay for free?

Via: The Palm Beach Post