Unprecedented Access to Far-Flung Destinations with TCS & Starquest Expeditions

“Our level of service is truly what sets us apart from the other private jet tour companies,” says director of guest services and independent travel Stevie Wooten. The highly experienced staff makes it their top priority to anticipate every need, and they fully prepare travelers for each aspect of the journey with expert advice, a series of informational documents and books, help with visa and passport processing, and other exceptional services. Staff, air crew, and hotels are fully informed of travel preferences, dietary restrictions, and other details to ensure a comfortable stay, regardless of continent.

What’s more, Starquest Expeditions remains culturally aware and goes above and beyond the charitable call of duty. The company’s philanthropy program sustains long-term relationships with the countries that welcome its travelers with open arms by consistently purchasing artisan-made items to support the local economy and contributing funds to local projects. CEO T.C. Swartz also has personally pledged $100,000 per year to building schools, alleviating poverty, and establishing sustainable agriculture in rural Cambodia.

While there are numerous tours to choose from, all of which are detailed on the company website, the upcoming Hidden Corners Around the World program, which will run in the spring of 2010, is a highlight of the TCS & Starquest portfolio. Hidden Corners connects three of the company’s journeys, resulting in a unique series of two-week expeditions. It begins with the Desert Crossroads expedition, which starts in London and ends in Bangkok. During their travels, guests can experience the treasures of Timbuktu and drink tea with the nomadic Tuaregs, fly deep into the Western Sahara to experience an ancient way of life at Siwa Oasis, and explore the Buddhist culture in the Himalaya. From there, the next leg of the trek, Sacred Places of Asia, provides the opportunity to discover the golden temples, ancient monuments, and colorful traditions of Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, South Korea, and Japan. The series ends with the Ancient Silk Road expedition, which follows in the footsteps of nomads, monks, merchants, and kings through China, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Armenia, and Turkey, finally ending back in London.

In addition to the regular schedule of expeditions, TCS & Starquest also offers journeys that are completely one of a kind—ideal for small groups of family and friends. Although the company didn’t originally offer this special service, it became a natural offshoot of their core offerings, as travelers on the regular expeditions kept coming back for more.

It seems regardless of your travel interests, this small but accomplished private jet travel company can turn your dreams into reality.

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