Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Two-Way Adds Three More

In a recent interview, chef Thomas Keller revealed his plans to expand his camera monitoring system which already exists between his Per Se and French Laundry restaurants to include all three of his Bouchon restaurants.

The infamous chef is gearing up for the grand opening of Bouchon Beverly Hills, one of three Bouchon restaurants owned by Keller. He notes that the camera systems that feed between Per Se and Laundry are located in the kitchen so that each restaurant can view the other restaurant, and he is hoping to make this two-way a five-way when all three Bouchons are up and running by early summer.

He does admit that the technology takes a while to install and that may mean a slight delay for the techonologically savvy kitchens to all come together on screen. “It takes a while to get that technology installed,” Keller says, “Not from our standpoint, but from whoever does it.” Keller didn’t add too many more details about the cameras during that interview, but as the owner and head chef, it’s likely these systems will allow him to keep an eye on all aspects of each kitchen, even when he’s not there. I wonder if the sous chefs know…

Via: San Francisco Eater