The Most Expensive Christmas Gifts

If you really want to impress your significant other this year, how about showing how you really feel about with one of these tokens of love. Nothing says more “I’m head over heels for you” than spending a couple thousands this holiday season. Here’s the crème de la crème of gift options for the uber-rich that would make any man, woman, or child feel like the most special human on the planet on Christmas morning. These are the gifts the wealthy should be giving each this year.

1.    EC135 Eurocopter by Hermès–Hermès is now offering a helicopter with a price-on-application tag, but we can surely imagine the price will be a hefty one to top off our list.

2.    Watch by Chanel; $50,000- Diamond-encrusted watch.


3.    Fabergé ring, $45,000- The re-launched jewelry brand is back with a collection of one-off pieces. Their online concept gives clients the ability to choose where and when they would like to see the piece. To ensure a personal touch, the piece is taking to wherever the customer is.

4.    Maï Lamore shoes; $17,000- Bird of Paradise peacock-feathered from Browns Shoes.

5.    Astley Clarke Earrings; $6,500- The online jeweler Astley Clarke will do anything to personalize your shopping experience. Each gift comes with an individually written message and packages are wrapped in hand-printed paper.


6.     Constance handbag by Hermès; $5,000- Order your own custom Constance bag from a selection of leathers and colors.


7.    Hockley bolero; $2,100- Fur brand Hockley is taking vintage coats and reworking them into chic modern designs without having any more furry animals surrendering their lives along the way.


Merry Christmas to all!

Via: Times Online