The Breslin Opens to the Public for Dinner

Dinner is served; at the Breslin, that is. Three-week old Ace Hotel had its debut for breakfast and lunch and now hungry guests can finally enjoy dinner there too.

Ken Friedman opened up the Breslin for breakfast and lunch, but new reports are out that dinner is now being served too, and it’s quite a meal. Chef Peter Cho served his first public dinner last night and dinner guests were greeted with quite a menu.

The hearty and meat heavy menu includes thick pork fat friend peanuts, beef and stilton pie, bone marrow soup, braised shin of beef, and stuffed pigs’ feet. Dishes on the menu run from just $4 for the smaller sized snacks to the mid $20s for main dishes. Delicious and larger portioned dishes go up to $50.

Via: Eater New York