Tankoa S65-11 Super yacht sold; S65-12 up for $81 million

The first S65-11, a 213-foot super yacht, has been sold by Italian shipyard, Tankoa.
Unfortunately for inquiring minds, the shipyard is keeping mum regarding who the lucky (and wealthy) buyer is. Despite this, we do know that the sister super yacht, the S65-12, can have a new owner too, for the price of $81 million.

While the S65-11’s design is a collaboration between British architect David Chipperfield who is responsible for the interiors, and Prof. Vincenzo Ruggiero and Francesco Paszkowski who completed the exterior work, the S65-12 is 100 percent Italian design.

The interiors of the S65-12, inspired by a Milan penthouse, have been designed by Giugiaro architecture and the yacht is expected to be completed in 2010. While continuously striving for “one-upmanship”, yachts of this caliber rarely feature understated designs. The S65-12, however, is said to be remarkably refreshing with pristine wood floors and spotless white upholstery. With stylish accommodations fit for 12 people and a cruising speed of 12.5 knots, it’s likely that Tankoa will soon be joyfully announcing yet another high-end sale from their shipyard.

Via: James Spotting