Revolutionary Flying: The Airbus A-380

Hate flying? You’re not alone. French company Airbus has created a solution, however. The latest model of its huge offspring, the Airbus A-380, will change the way you think about flying forever. In this plane, economy and business class passengers are separated right from the entrance with different jet bridges to carry them into their separate cabins on separate floors. With folded out full-length coach seats to lounge on, you are provided with comfy socks, sleep masks and stickers to let the flight attendants know when you’d like to wake up.

Once the airplane takes flight, there’s no need to fret about what you can do to keep yourself busy or entertained. No more boring radio stations or movies to watch. You can hit the remote and get a massage, or play with the 17-inch touchscreen monitor right in front of you with two USB ports and remote with sat-phone in it. There’s even a bar to order your favorite cocktail from, and we hear you can actually jog around if you need to.

Via: Born Rich