Price Dramatically Slashed on Malibu Mansion

Villa Versailles, located in Malibu, has been put through the ringer, and unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like it will be coming out on top; at least not on top of its price range. Originally priced at $23.75 million, the beautiful home is now listed for a mere $14,995 million, making it a real estate steal.

Built in 1992 by a man hoping to impress the love of his life (but apparently failed since they moved back to Los Angeles after only a few weeks…), the stunning home sits on 5.33 acres and features ten bedrooms, eleven bathrooms, extensive gilding, an extraordinarily large pool, a tennis court, widespread gardens, horse stables, and a caretaker’s residence.

Since the couple has not actually lived in the house for more than a few weeks in 1992, they have rented it out for numerous functions, such as a backdrop for rap videos, parties, film shoots, and even a rehab/wellness center. A few years back it was reported that the home was also being rented out for $45,000 a month, but there are no specifications as to how many months individuals actually stayed there at one time, making this home appear to be quite the revolving (gilded) door.

Via: Curbed Los Angeles